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    DJ216J bricked

    I suceeded to unbrick it fully in the result. Now when box is ok, I need to arrange the HDDs with data and I have few questions: I used 2x4TB RAID1 configuration on ext4 drives. All data seems intact. 1) Do I need to upload exactly same DSM version on my DS prior inserting HDDs as was the...
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    218j no ATAGS Support ???

    I have exactly same problem with my DJ216j and having so far no luck to find any solution or explanation why relatively up-to date kernel requires ATAGS support and holds on, maybe because DTB (FDT) missing (corrupted)?
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    DJ216J bricked

    Hallo all, sorry to post in english, meine deutche sprache is too poor to describe my problem: I am in the attempts to unbrick my NAS which bricked when power outage happened during DSM update. There is no response to hard reset, blue LED lits stable and green LED is blinking upon traffic...
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