im using chat on DSM 6.2 with an 718+.

The issue is that the user does not get the eMail with the registration information.

When I enter the eMail into the form it says that the mail is successfully sent but when i check the
inbox or spam nothing happens.

What i have checked so far:

Guest accounts are activated and manager is set in the chat admin console
eMail notification in DSM hs been set up correct and test mail is working (notification at disk status, disconnection ..)
inbox and spam i receive nothing.
Have tested this with gmail anf gmx adresses as well as with admin and nomal user accounts.
tried to use http and https calling of chat for guest invitation
changey guest manager to a admin user
chat admin protocol lists that the user gets invited
eMail adress of invited user is correct
I would be thankful for further input 😃.


Andreas from Graz/Austria